Ugh! I just heard a loud pop coming from a MacBook Pro MagSafe Power Adapter.

Well, one MacBook Pro MagSafe Power Adapter of mine bites the dust. I was in the middle of using the 15-inch MacBook Pro Core Duo which I bought back in 2006 when I noticed the screen was automatically dimmed. There was no change in the ambient lighting. I noticed the MagSafe connector was no longer lit-up then I heard a loud popping noise coming from the power adapter. I immediately unplugged and inspected the power adapter. I could smell a burning electric component coming from the power adapter. I guess I’d have to head out and get a replacement in the morning. It would be $80 plus sales tax at the Apple Store. I could also buy the 85-Watt MagSafe Power Adapter from Amazon and have it delivered on Friday. Either way, I’d have to spend the money. I do have one that I always leave at home.

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