Benante, Bello, Ellefson and Portnoy.

I am on an assignment at Sam Ash Music in Cerritos, California waiting for Charlie Benante and Frank Bello of Anthrax, David Ellefson of Megadeth, and Mike Portnoy formerly of Dream Theater.

There are approximately 200 people waiting in line already. Sam Ash Music store manager just informed that the event will be running a little bit behind.

Sam Ash staff members are passing around raffle tickets for some gear giveaway.



Mike Portnoy is still doing his sound check.

Only 300 people will be let in. The clinic is running late already.

Door opens, first person in line is still waiting to get in.

If you’re on wheelchair, you’re getting in first.

They are letting people in, slowly. Slower than glacier.



Typical musicians. Being late is fashionable. Even though Axl Rose is not scheduled to be here, this clinic will be beyond late.

Charlie Benante walked on the stage briefly. Sam Ash regional manager is on stage introducing Frank Bello.

Bello started off by playing along “Caught In The Mosh” and the audience are singing.

Bello is talking about him and bass playing. He introduces Charlie Benante. “Got The Time” is playing, just bass and drum with the audience singing.

“Nobody Knows Anything” with drum solo.

Charlie Benante is on guitar playing some Anthrax riff.

Benante introduces David Ellefson.

Ellefson is playing along “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” track.

Some babble and Mike Portnoy joins Ellefson playing a few bars of “Symphony Of Destruction”, “Wrathchild”, “Dawn Patrol” and “Peace Sells”.

Mike Portnoy took the mic and babble some more.

All four are on the stage jamming.

Raining Blood
Am I Evil

And many more…….

Out of respect to Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, David Ellefson and Mike Portnoy; I will not post any pictures of them from the clinic and the signing.

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