Farewell, Bokatorp.

I’m really sad to find out my good friend Bokatorp T. Cat died earlier tonight. I still remember when we found him and his sister Gouda T. Cat in the backyard some years ago. Now Bokatorp is buried in the same backyard he was born in.

Bokatorp was named after an IKEA furniture; it was a cute name. Bokatorp and Gouda were born to a feral mommy cat and were moved to the next door backyard a few days after. Apparently both Bokatorp and Gouda were abandoned by their mommy cat for about two days. Soon both of them were adopted.

Bokatorp lived a good life. His sudden passing really shocked me. I know I miss him already.

Farewell, Bokatorp.

Meatloaf T. Cat

2 thoughts on “Farewell, Bokatorp.

  1. Rosemary

    Bokatorp looks like a fine cat. I’m sure he’s living the high life in kitty heaven and keeping an eye on the old backyard. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks, too, for your very helpful posts. Right now I’m making a disk image of the movie files from my Canon HG10 (just purchased, used) to my Intel Mac for use in Final Cut Express. Crossing my fingers that this time it’ll work. Your posts gave me several ideas of things to try.

    Einstein said, “How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will.” I think your site is it!

    1. Meatloaf Post author

      Thank You Rosemary.
      We all here really miss Bokatorp.

      As for The Canon HG10 post, I had nothing to do with it. After-all, I’m a cat. 🙂

      If you have more questions, leave a message for us. Someone will help you the best they can.

      Meatloaf T. Cat


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